Boost your Confidence

You Are Much Better Than You Think of Yourself.

Duration: One day.              Time: 09:30 am to 16:30 pm.                 Location: Central London.

Dates: Please contact the office for other available dates.

     * Monday 05th June 2017                             * Thursday 15th June 2017

     * Thursday 06th July 2017                            * Tuesday 11th July 2017

     * Tuesday 08th August 2017                         * Saturday 12th August 2017

     * Tuesday 05th September 2017                   * Saturday 09th September 2017 

     * Thursday 14th September 2017                    * Tuesday 03rd October 2017

     * Thursday 12th October 2017                        * Saturday 21st October 2017

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Confidence affects how we feel, think, and act, as well as how successful we are in life. Having confidence does not mean that we can do everything, but it gives us a positive and yet realistic view of our abilities.

We are confident in many areas of our lives, but the inflated awareness of our weaknesses destroys our confidence, particularly in social settings where we are vulnerable to scandal and humiliation. So, we may avoid such situation at all costs.

Confident people are able to stand up for their beliefs and values, and have the courage to risk embarrassment. Moreover, they have the courage to accept their limitations, and the wisdom to respect themselves and others around them. They have realistic expectations, and if their aspirations are not met, they continue to be positive, and keep on respecting themselves.

Who is going to benefit the most from this workshop?

People who suffer from a mild form of social anxiety or lack assertiveness, and would like to get rid of their restrictive self-doubt will greatly benefit from this workshop.

This workshop is full of practical strategies that people can use straightaway to boost their confidence, become pleasantly sociable, and assert their point of view with confidence and calmness.

Note: People with acute social phobia, and individuals whose social anxiety is accompanied with other mental health issues such as depression, need to consult their GP first and seek medical help, to ensure they receive appropriate treatment. Then, this workshop would become a useful supplement to their treatment, and could speed up their recovery.

In this workshop, you learn:

  • about the nature of confidence,
  • how lack of confidence perpetuates,
  • how to control your limiting beliefs and thoughts,
  • how to manage your nerves and anxious feelings,
  • how to be assertive and speak with confidence,
  • how to become confident and feel upbeat,
  • and, how to build authentic confidence and control.

Workshop Schedule:

  • Please arrive early (between 09:00 to 09:15) for registration and morning refreshment.
  • Workshop starts at 09:30 sharp. We take a break at 11:00 (tea, coffee and biscuits are available). 
  • A light lunch will be served at 13:00. Please let us know if you have a special dietary requirement.
  • Workshop is resumed at 13:30, and we take a short break at about 15:00.
  • The workshop ends at 16:30, but participants can stay around for a friendly conversation with others.

Note 1: Please inform us of your specific disability and support needs. We will do our best to accommodate your needs. We will ask you about such needs when we confirm your booking.

Note 2: the quoted times may vary slightly from time to time, but you receive the exact scheduling arrangements when you get your booking confirmations.