Consultancy Standards

My vision is to serve my clients (and hence the society) in a way that they rightly deserve, and helps the world to be a better place - a world where there is no discrimination due to age, gender, disability, ethnicity, or religion. A world where we all live in harmony, and work together to create happiness (in its most extensive sense).

I believe in providing consultancy services of the highest quality and ethical standards. Therefore, I have adopted a stringent code of practice which is partly based on the code of conduct proposed by the Management Consultancies Association to ensure my clients receive the value that they reasonably expect.

  • I put my client’s interests first and will decline assignments that may pose a conflict of interests. I will promptly disclose any interest or relationship that may affect my client's business, and never act in any way that may harm the reputation or interests of my client. In any unlikely conflict, the duty to the client will prevail.
  • I remain independent and objective. I ensure that my advice is objective and fact-based, and strictly keep to all agreements. Therefore, I do not enter into any agreement which will affect (directly or indirectly) the impartiality of my advice to a client without the client’s knowledge and written approval.
  • I focus on delivering sustainable value to my clients and so, I maintain a clear focus on adding value and the transfer of knowledge to my clients to ensure their success and satisfaction. 
  • I constantly develop my expertise to ensure that I do have the skills required for the assignments that I accept. And, I only accept work that I am qualified and have the capacity to undertake.
  • I remain clear and transparent with my clients and openly disclose any information which may influence our professional relationship. I make sure that the objectives and terms of my services, including my remunerations, are agreed with the client in advance. I will comply with the laws and the statutory regulations related to my services.
  • I will keep all aspects of my clients' work confidential. I will not unfairly take advantage of the information they share with me, and never disclose any confidential information concerning their business.


Please contact me if you have further questions.