Consultancy Services

To thrive in today's changeable and demanding environment, organisations need employees who in addition to technical skills, are mentally strong, emotionally intelligent, and professionally flexible to accept divers responsibilities.

With this in mind, my consultancy services that are informed and inspired by Positive Psychology are designed to make positive changes, and create a constructive organisational culture.

The aim is to help established-organisations deal with major changes, implement critical strategies, and maximise their productivity. As well as, helping start-up projects to lay a strong operational foundation from the inception of the venture.

Start-ups will specially benefit from my consultancy services, as the best time for incorporating positive ideas into an organisation, is at the beginning (the designing stage).

Operational objectives are often achieved by directly involving almost all the players within a project or an organisation, through a collaborative technique that I call TLC-1

I usually get involved as a consultant when an organisation wants to generate a competitive edge, or improve its performance. My role often, is to help them improve their professional relationships, create a cooperative culture, and generate innovative solutions. So, they can enhance their efficiency, and grow.

My contribution often starts by gathering information to understand your organisation, its operation, its culture, its challenges, and its competitive dynamics. By seeing the world the way you and your employees do, I can work to your agenda. I then apply my knowledge, my experiences, and the principles of positive psychology to your specific requirements, and bring an external perspective that is strengthened by my innovative insights. I aim to challenge your assumptions and take your mind to new horizons. 

I believe in providing exceptional service and so adhere to the highest standards of practice.

As an independent consultant, I identify the strengths and weaknesses of your operations, propose innovative solutions, and provide you with a new and different perspective.

For me, a typical consultancy assignment involves:

  • Conducting research to understand the organisation. This may include; arranging focus groups and interviewing the client's employees, executive managers, and other stakeholders.
  • Identifying merits and drawbacks of the business, and forming suggestions and solutions,
  • Preparing and presenting a proposal which reveals my findings and offers my recommendations,
  • Helping the client to implement the approved recommendations, or at least ensuring the client receives the necessary assistance to carry out the proposed solutions.

If your organisation has not fully achieved what is expected of it, and you believe there is room for improvement, contact me now, for an appointment and take advantage of new strategies that are based on Applied Positive Psychology theories, techniques, and interventions. 

Note: Our first meeting is absolutely free and will be conducted in confidence.