Workshop-5: Influencing Others and Winning Them Over

We continually influence, and are being influenced by people around us.

Duration: One day.              Time: 09:30 am to 16:30 pm.                 Location: Central London.

Dates:  This workshop is available on two or three different dates each month. You can see the available dates, and choose your preferred session on the booking page. Please contact Reza for more information.

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Influencing Others

Influencing others is about winning people over to our way of thinking, and getting things done positively and efficiently. It is about leadership, problem solving, helping, socialising, and loving. Our private and professional lives require influencing people almost all the time. It may take the form of gaining their support, inspiring them, or persuading them to change their behaviour.

Influencing is not dictating, pressurising, or hounding. It is not manipulation, deceit, or trickery. And, it is not getting what we want at the expense of the other person. Influencing requires us to accept and respect ourselves and others. It stems from a positive attitude where we seek to establish win-win relationships, as we understand the impact and consequences of our choices.

Who is going to benefit the most from this workshop?

  • People who find leading everyday projects, solving routine problems, or achieving what they want difficult.
  • Individuals who do not collaborate with others as equals, but just obey their superiors, and dictate to their subordinates.
  • People who are not confident and effective communicators.
  • Individuals who want to make a difference, but their effort is stifled because they cannot persuade people of the merits of their proposal.
  • People who want to feel valued and respected by others around them, and would like to have a rewarding social and professional relationships.
  • Individuals who are looking for practical ways to incease their influence on others, both at home and at work.

Note: People who experience intense emotional reaction such as anger, in their interactions with others, particularly if they also suffer from mental health issues such as depression, need to consult their GP first, and seek medical help, to ensure they receive appropriate treatment. Then, this workshop will become a useful supplement to their treatment, and will speed up their recovery.

In this workshop, you learn:

  • about the nature of interpersonal interactions, leadership, and influencing others,
  • how lack of authority and credability makes us weak and vulnerable,
  • how to analyse social situations and chose a response which is appropriate,
  • how to manage your nerves and remain calm while you interact with others,
  • how to develop your personal resources, and remain influential at all times,
  • and, how to build a positive attitude that helps you react constructively in all situations.

Workshop Schedule:

  • Please arrive early (between 09:00 to 09:15) for registration and morning refreshment.
  • Workshop starts at 09:30 sharp. We take a break at 11:00 (tea, coffee and biscuits are available). 
  • A light lunch will be served at 13:00. Please let us know if you have a special dietary requirement.
  • Workshop is resumed at 13:30, and we take a short break at about 15:00.
  • The workshop ends at 16:30, but participants can stay around for a friendly conversation with others.

Note 1: Please inform us of your specific disability and the support you may need. We will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Note 2: the quoted times may vary slightly from time to time, but you receive the exact scheduling arrangements when you get your booking confirmations.