Reza, your Licensed Confidant

My name is Reza Zolfagharifard. I am a positive psychology coach and consultant (2015-to date) with decades of experience in teaching, training, and coaching. I help individuals and businesses fulfil their aspirations, achieve positive transformation, and thrive.

I provide management consultancy, appreciative coaching, and corporate training.

Generating a sense of happiness, satisfaction, and achievement in my clients, is the most gratifying aspect of my work.

Education and Training

  • MSc in Applied Positive Psychology- University of East London (2015).

  • Leadership Foundation Programme- University of London, Institute of Education (2006).

  • Advanced Cert in Effectiveness at Work (Emotional Intelligence) - Plymouth CFE (2005).

  • Diploma in Performance Coaching - Newcastle College (2002).

  • Post Graduate Certificate of Education - University of Greenwich, London (1995).

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Management - College of Business Studies, Tehran (1985)..

  • BSc Aeronautics and Aeronautical Rating of Jet Pilots - Tehran and Air Force Aviation Universities (1975).

Work Experiences

I started my working career as a fighter pilot where at a very young age, I learned discipline, teamwork and perseverance. Afterwards, I have continuously held positions of high responsibility throughout my working career that included business management, teaching, training, and coaching.

In my previous post (2009-2015), I served as a coach and a training consultant, where in addition to coaching and consulting, I was responsible for designing and delivering professional training workshops. I was also in charge of marketing seminars, educational conferences, and networking events. My prominent achievements in this period included; Bold Club, and Perspect Training.

During my teaching career (1995-2006), in addition to teaching mathematics and physics, I held various responsibilities that included positions of deputy head and head of the mathematics department, assistant director of studies, membership of the senior management team, and an elected member of the school governing body. 

Before teaching, I managed a number of businesses either as the managing director or the general manager. Throughout this period, I ran sizeable projects and carried out complex operations that improved my professional knowledge and competencies. They also helped me work diligently with limited budgets, tight deadlines, and difficult circumstances.

I have also worked with and supported a number of charitable organisations that promote mental health, educate public, or assist people to overcome adversity and misfortune. My voluntary engagements have help me reach out to the community and make small differences. As a result, I found good friends, learned new skills, and more importantly gained a warm sense of connection and belonging.

My dynamic and multi-faceted background in business, education and coaching, has provided me with a wide spectrum of knowledge, skills, and resourcefulness that help me understand and work with various people and circumstances competently and effectively.

I'll be delighted to use my knowledge and experiences to help you unlock your potential and generate exceptional personal and professional performance.


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