Positive psychology is the science of wellbeing and flourishing. Discover how it can help you become more confident, influential, and emotionally resilient.


These workshops are based on the latest advances in positive psychology. They are designed to provide a range of personal and professional development strategies that help individuals thrive in life, and succeed at their career.

These workshops offer practical ways that help people develop their personal qualities, and live a happy life.

My corporate training services include bespoke training workshops that are custom designed to the needs of an organisation, and are often delivered as in-house training.

Having professional development training delivered in-house, eliminates the burden of travel for the staff, and saves them time and extra costs. 

I help ambitious individuals develop their personal qualities, and overcome the barriers that hold them back, or prevent them achieving happiness and success.

My coaching and training strategies, like other services I provide, are based on applied positive psychology techniques and interventions that are empirically proven effective.

My consultancy services are about making positive changes, fostering efficiencies, and creating constructive collaborations within an organisation.

They are designed to help organisations maximise their productivity by enhancing the flexibility, creativity, and effectiveness of their workforce.

I help executives and ambitious professionals overcome the barriers that hold them back, or prevent them achieve satisfaction and success, both at work and in their private life.

My coaching strategy is based on the techniques and interventions developed in applied positive psychology.

I host, chair, or speak at a variety of social events (conferences, award ceremonies, etc.) arranged by schools, businesses or charities.

My keynote presentations combine a dynamic blend of techniques that actively engage the audience, and leave them entertained, uplifted, and inspired.

“What I liked most, was discovering my ability of looking at things differently. I learned that I should have a more personal focus rather than focusing on others. The coaching sessions also helped me see my positive characteristics and develop more positive attitude.”       JC