Terms & Conditions

1) General:

1.1) All workshops, coaching, consulting, training sessions, and other events booked with The Licensed Confidant, shall be subject without exclusion, to the following Terms and Conditions.

1.2) In these Terms and Conditions the following definitions apply:

  • The Licensed Confidant is the trading style of Reza Zolfagharifard who works as an independent consultant, coach, and trainer.
  • The client is a person, a business, or an organisation who has paid and been accepted as a customer. 
  • The participants are the attendees to the meetings, workshops or other events arranged by The Licensed Confidant. Participants are often the clients who paid for the service.
  • The term is the term and conditions including the codes of conduct laid by The Licensed Confidant.
  • The event is any meeting, workshop, coaching session, consultancy meeting, or function arranged by The Licensed Confidant which the client has made a booking.
  • The venue is a place arranged (e.g. hired) by The Licensed Confidant where workshops, coaching, training or consulting takes place.

1.3) These terms supersede any prior verbal agreements.  Any deviation from these terms must be agreed in writing.

1.4) Clients and participants must be 18 or older at the time of booking.  

1.5) Bookings are made online, and will be confirmed by e-mail.

1.6) The initial confirmation email includes; receipt of your payment, your order number, and basic billing information. This will be followed by another email which gives you information about the location of the venue, public transport information to the venue, and the timings of the event. At this stage, we also ask you about your specific needs regarding your physical ability, and about your specific dietary requirements, to ensure that your time with us is a pleasant experience.

1.7) The Licensed Confidant does not guarantee, represent or warrant that a particular client or participant will achieve any particular level of competencies or success as a result of their participation.

1.8) The Licensed Confidant is not responsible for any out-of-pocket or expenses incurred by the clients or participants as a result of their attendance at his events.

1.9) The Licensed Confidant reserves the right to amend these terms by posting the amended version on the website, without prior warning, and at its sole discretion. Existing clients (and registered participants) will receive a copy of the amended terms if they are affected by the changes.

1.10) If you have any question regarding terms and conditions of your bookings, attendance, or involvement with The Licensed Confidant, please contact Reza for clarification. 

2) Workshops:

2.1) The workshop fees include; administration, refreshments, a light lunch, and course material.  It does not include transport, accommodation, other meals or personal expenses.

2.2) Workshop bookings that are cancelled more than two months before the date of the workshop will be refunded with a deduction of 10% administration fee.

2.3) Cancellations between two months and a month before the date of the workshop will incure 50% cancellation charge.

2.4) No fees will be refunded if the cancellation is within a month before the date of the workshop, or if the client (or participant) fails to attend the whole or any part of the workshop.

2.5) The client may only defer the workshop to an alternative session, within two months of such deferment.  This is subject to availability, and sole discretion of the Licensed Confidant.

2.6) An alternative participant may be substituted without charge for the workshop, provided notification is given in writing, no later than two weeks before the starting date of the workshop.

2.7) The Licensed Confidant reserves the right to make changes or improvements to his workshops at any time without notice. People who have already purchased a place will be notified and if necessary will be refunded.

2.8) The Licensed Confidant reserves the right to cancel a workshop for operational reasons at any time.  The liability of The Licensed Confidant for such cancellations shall be limited to either a refund of the workshop fee or provision of a place on an alternative course.

2.9) The Licensed Confidant guarantees your satisfaction of the training you receive on his workshops. So, if you are not fully satisfied about the professional quality of his presentation, you get your money back.  This guarantee does not include refreshments, food, or other features of the venue.

2.10) If you wish to claim your money back, you should inform The Licensed Confidant by email or through the enquiry page on the website, within 24 hours after the end of the workshop, to present your claim.

3) Coaching and Private Training:

3.1) Coaching or training package fees (i.e. multiple session booking discounts) are granted on the assumption that entire booked sessions will be taken. Therefore, when a multiple session (package) booking is cancelled prior to its planned end date, the fees of the sessions that have been either attended or lies within the notice period (of two weeks) will be charged at the standard rate.

3.2) Booked coaching sessions are not transferable but can be cancelled within two weeks before the scheduled date. There will be a deduction of 10% administration fee.

3.3) Coaching and/or private training sessions can be cancelled by The Licensed Confidant. Such cancellation is subject to as much notice as deemed suitable and possible. In such cases, the affected client or participant, will be refunded and there will be no administration fee. 

3.4) Coaching and/or training fees must be paid online (through the facilities available on the website) or by money transfer to Reza's bank account (Lloyds Bank, sort code: 77-27-06, account number: 34231660) at the time of booking. 

4) Codes of Conduct:

4.1) By accepting these terms the clients and the participants agree that they will:

4.1a) Deal with other clients, participants, and people who run the venue, in an honest and ethical manner.

4.1b) Act respectfully and professionally at all times, to preserve the intellectual properties of The Licensed Confidant and those belonging to other parties involved in the event.

4.1c) Do not harvest the personal data of other clients or participants for the purposes of resale or direct marketing, without their explicit prior consent.

4.1d) Do not actively promote ideas, services or products that are in conflict with standards and values of The Licensed Confidant or in competition with services and products offered by The Licensed Confidant.

4.2) The Licensed Confidant is not responsible for the performance of the third parties including the proprietors and the staff of the venues in use, or the other participants in the event.

5) Data Protection:

5.1) The Licensed Confidant complies with the Data Protection Act 1998 and amendments thereafter. 

5.2) Information supplied by the clients or the participants will be used solely by the Licensed Confidant and only in the conduct of his business. Such data will not be passed to any other party without consent, except where required by law.

6) Equality

6.1) The Licensed Confidant is committed to equal opportunities for all his colleagues, suppliers, clients, and customers. This means that all decisions are made based on merit and the legitimate business needs, and that he does not discriminate on the basis of ethnicity, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, physical ability, age, or any other grounds referred to as "Protected Characteristics" under the laws of the UK. The intention is to practice and provide services that allow all stake holders to fulfil their potentials without the shadow of disrespect, discrimination, harassment, or victimisation.

6.2) Disability Provisions: Please inform us of your specific disability and the support you may need, at least a couple weeks before the date of the event you are going to attend. The Licensed Confidant will do his best to accommodate your needs.