Training Services

My training services are designed to provide a range of professional development strategies that help businesses thrive through leaders and executives who are as trained in personality and character, as they are skilled in technical aspects of their role.

These are bespoke training sessions that will be designed according to the specific training requirements of your organisation, and will be delivered as in-house training workshops. Having professional development training delivered in-house, eliminates the burden of travel for your staff, and saves you time and extra costs. Contact me for an appointment, so we can discuss your requirements and arrange a Training Needs Analysis. 

Businesses work within their own unique environment and as such look for unique solutions to the specific challenges they face. To achieve this, I will work with you to identify your training needs. I then tailor each course to your specific requirements and cover the topics that are relevant to your business. This approach ensures the training is aligned to the vision, mission and objectives of your organisation.

The courses I offer include: 

  • Management and Leadership Skills for professionals who aspire to move to higher managerial roles, entrepreneurs who their expanding business demands more and more leadership role, or existing managers who want to enhance their leadership skills. This course will provide the type of thinking, attitude, and actions that help managers lead their teams effectively and use the available resources efficiently.

  • Appreciative Inquiry: A New Approach to Change Management. This course is a practical guide to Appreciative Inquiry (AI) which is a positive approach to change management, development, and growth. AI is an empirically proven method that helps businesses deal successfully with major changes, implement critical strategies, and maximise their productivity.

  • Work Related Stress and Management Standards. This workshop provides an introduction to the guidelines drawn by the Health and Safety Executive that help businesses identify potential sources of stress, and devise practical solutions to minimise or eradicate the problems. The course is designed for directors, line managers (including HR), and supervisors who play a key role in this area and have specific responsibilities to tackle the causes of work related stress. 

  • Stress Management Strategies for busy professionals. This workshop is suitable for hardworking executives and employees who find their work overwhelmingly stressful.  It provides proven stress management guidelines for independent professionals and employees who would like to develop practical skills that help them moderate the pressure and positively deal with stressful situations. 

  • Handling Criticisms and Dealing with Disagreements and Conflict at Work. Facing criticisms, disagreements, and interpersonal conflicts, is an unpleasant fact of life, and it is quite common at work and in business settings.  This workshop helps executives and professionals handle these situations in a positive and constructive manner.  The skills they learn will help them calm the situation, eliminate unwanted stress, and improve their well-being and their results (profits).

  • Professional Assertiveness. This a practical guide for managing and maintaining a constructive relationship at work.  The course also offers advice on proper handling of harassment and bullying at Work.

  • Accelerated Learning Techniques for busy professionals who routinely need to learn, remember, and use vast quantities of information. This course provides a range of scientifically proven cognitive skills that help managers and high performing executives stay ahead of their game.

  • Developing Professional Resilience for middle managers, front-line executives, and busy entrepreneurs who are subject to heavy workload and excessive pressure, particularly in times of change. This course is about sustainable success, and provides practical ideas that help them remain highly effective without jeopardising their health, well-being, or the balance of their lives.

  • Emotional, Social, and Cultural Intelligence for professionals, managers, and entrepreneurs who want to strength their business, extend their leadership, and widen their influence. This course is particularly useful for executives who work with people, operate internationally, or compete in global marketplaces.

  • Introduction to Positive Psychology. Positive Psychology is known as the scientific study of optimal human functioning and focuses on how we flourish both in our personal and professional lives. In this workshop you become familiar with the latest developments in positive psychology and learn some of its techniques that you can readily use to boost your effectiveness, creativity, and contentment.

I refer to my workshops as experiential learning workshops, because; they are highly engaging and participative. The word experiential indicates that learning and development are achieved through personal experience and involvement, rather than by receiving a lecture. In experiential learning the word learning is significant, since it emphasises the learner’s perspective.