I can change things.”

I learned that I can change things and it's the personal belief and effort that will bring results. I believe that coaching was very useful in helping me think about and achieve my life-long aspirations.


I feel more confident.”

I learned that I am a leader and I should conduct myself as such. I feel more confident to challenge myself and to push the boundaries of my comfort zone. I am now, less judgemental and more tolerant.


I liked the coaching sessions very much. They made me aware of many things about myself that I was not fully conscious of before. Coaching was very helpful in making me discover and know myself.



“More to it than I expected”

It was a very good workshop with more to it than I expected.

It was in-depth, had a good pace and I learned a lot of different ways of opening up to people.  



Worthwhile, useful and informative.”

Excellent speaker with great sense of humour.

Worthwhile, useful, and informative. Thought provoking and stimulating. 


"Fascinating talk, with humour and warmth."



"I am fascinated by the information and techniques."



"Excellent speaker, pleasant and funny."



"Excellent seminar, really useful and well presented."